At the corner of opportunity and success there’s a

Dynamic Group of
Business People.

In Montreal,

Business flourishes!

CIVDEV offers you the leasing opportunities and real estate management services to grow your business.

At the core of Montreal's most lucrative real estate districts are exceptional spaces: offices, industrial / commercial centres and retail stores that have their needs met by professionals who can build into their layout and lease requirements.

Our experience with anticipating the needs of brokers and tenants has evolved into a full service offering for real estate owners, from evaluating profitability, to negotiating contracts and streamlining day-to-day operations.

Let us give you a tour of the town.

At the corner of opportunity and success there’s a dynamic group of business people.


CIVDEV has been an important part of the Montreal real estate community for over 30 years. We know Montreal well, and have developed a keen understanding of our clients' needs. Our network of real estate professionals, tradesmen, local and provincial authorities, allow us to give timely and accurate answers in order to aid our tenants to operate at peak efficiency.

We undertake projects of varying sizes. We have provided oversight for investments of more than $60 million in assets. We believe in progress and working with the people that are at the forefront of community planning and development.


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